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The Rug Guide

How to Choose (+Style) Your Rug

All Beni rugs are handwoven to order. Current lead times are 12 - 16 weeks. Each rug is slightly different from the last. We celebrate these variances and minor imperfections as a sign of a rug woven just for you. Think of them as markers of true luxury in a world of standardization and mass production. We offer standard and custom rug sizes for any room in your home or office. Below, find some tips on how to select and style your Beni rug.

Choosing Knotted or Flat

  • Beni Knotted Weave Rug

    Knotted Weave Rugs

    Our knotted weave rugs are made entirely by hand, one knot at a time. Knotted rugs are sumptuous, welcoming, and incredibly soft underfoot. The pile for these rugs ranges from 1" - 1.5", and averages 1.25". Turn over any Beni rug and notice how meticulously close each knot of wool is tied to one another. The result? A lush, luxurious field of soft wool – its fibers softened by our secret washing process at our Studio outside Marrakech.

  • Beni Flat Weave Rug

    Flat Weave Rugs

    By tightly interweaving warp and weft strands of hand-spun wool yarn on the loom, flat weave rugs feature a lighter rug with a low profile and a slightly more rustic feel underfoot. These rugs are ideal for warm climates and for layering. Our flatwoven pile height is roughly .4".

For Your Living Room

  • Beni rug in living room as centerpiece.

    Rug as Centerpiece

    Centering a rug in your living room without sofas, chairs, or side-tables touching its perimeter lends an airy, open feel. In this way, the rug becomes one of many elements of furniture and design objects that hang together in your home. To achieve this style, you need to leave adequate and consistent spacing between rug, furnishings, and any floor lighting. Generally speaking, it’s beneficial to allow at least 5” from the edge of the rug and the edge of your furnishings to ensure that adjacencies aren’t too tight. You want to make this arrangement feel intentional and not like an afterthought. You’ll want to avoid this set up in tighter quarter living spaces - this concept needs room to breathe in order to work.

  • Beni rug as room anchor

    Rug as Anchor

    Anchor your living room rug with the front two legs of your sofa and side chairs. This arrangement subconsciously invites visitors into your living room and onto the rug – a generous and welcoming gesture. Because side tables and floor lighting are smaller in dimension, we recommend placing these either all on or all off the rug. Ensure furnishings are consistently placed around the perimeter of the rug for visual harmony and so they do not hover uncomfortably. 

  • Beni rug as room canvas.

    Rug as Canvas

    By placing all your furnishings on your rug, you create a cozy, immersive living room. The rug becomes a grounding presence that lends a substantial presence to your room - it’s one of our favorite looks. To ensure your room is defined by (but not overwhelmed by) your rug, place it at least a few inches from the wall. This arrangement also works well in large, open-plan rooms where you may need to define “zones” within this larger space.

For Your Bedroom

  • Beni rug with bed placed partially on rug.

    Bed Placed Partially On Rug

    Smaller rugs work well in bedrooms when they are placed partially underneath the bed. To achieve this styling arrangement, we recommend styling with a rectangular rug perpendicular to the bed. Generally speaking, you want the lower two thirds of the bed to sit on the rug with any side tables resting on the bare floor. It’s comfortable to have at least 18” exposed, lengthwise, on either side of the bed.

  • Beni rug placed fully under bed.

    Bed Placed Fully on Rug

    To create the ultimate immersive and enveloping environment in your bedroom, place your bed fully on your rug. In general, you want any side tables and lighting to be fully on the rug to create consistency in this style. To allow for ample room on either side of the bed, it’s recommended to allow for at least 30” of clearance on either side. Take your overall bed dimensions and then add 30” to all sides to approximate your ideal rug size, while also taking into account your side table dimensions and placement.

For Your Dining Room

For the dining room, one of the common questions is which rug works best - flat or knotted? Flat weave rugs are low profile, meaning they minimize any friction from frequent chair movement. Their lack of pile means you can also sweep off any apres dinner crumbs easily. That being said, knotted weave rugs add a decadent, luxurious touch to elegant dining areas. At the Beni HQ, we have a knotted rug under our conference table - and it’s a comforting, cozy presence during long meetings. You want to give enough room for chairs to remain on the rug when fully pulled away from the table. The general rule of thumb is to allow for at least25” of rug to show from the edge of the table surface on all sides. Therefore, take your table surface dimensions, and add at least 25” to all sides to approximate your ideal rug size.

Beni rug in dining room.

For your Home Office

In your home office, you want to keep distraction at a minimum. If you own a task chair with rolling casters, consider a flatwoven rug that allows your chair to glide easily across the rug. In general, you want to allow for at least 30” of rug to show from the edge of your desk surface to allow for adequate chair clearance. Conversely, if your home office is set up in a study or library-like format, there’s nothing like one of our knotted rugs to create a soothing and relaxing oasis for respite and reflection.

Beni rug in home office.

For Entryway and Foyer

There’s no better way to welcome home than an inviting runner or entryway rug. Since this area gets high traffic, rug pads are key to keep your rug consistently placed. It’s generally beneficial to have at least 4” between the walls of your entryway and foyer and the rug itself, to give a sense of openness and spaciousness to your entryway. Always consider the clearance of your doorways to ensure the rug is placed at a safe distance from any swinging door to minimize unwanted friction.

Beni rug in entryway.