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The Beni Studio

From our HQ in the countryside of Morocco, Beni connects 3,500 years of tradition with the pulse of today. The Beni Studio is an 8,000 square foot hub of craft - where 85 weavers work next to a sun-flooded courtyard, where the thump of hammers against wool fills the air, and where our team explores new possibilities of an age-old art. It’s the purest expression of who we are.

Dedication to Quality

  • The Finest Wool

    A commitment to exceptional materials means that Beni pays 5x the average national price per kilo of wool, which is sheared humanely from High Atlas sheep that grow the longest, silkiest fleece. These long fibers equate to superior wool that sheds less and lasts longer. We’ve partnered with a 3rd generation family business headquartered in Rabat to wash, card, spin, and dye our wool into exclusive, proprietary colors that are only available on our website.

  • Weavers in the Beni studio.

    Our People

    Our weaving team is compensated at 2-4 times the national average. Government benefits, free transportation, childcare (and couscous Fridays) are all part of the deal. These benefits are revolutionary in Morocco's craft industry and led to our recognition as a fair trade certified business by Label Step, a Swiss NGO focused on the handwoven rug industry.

  • Hands weaving

    Heritage Craft

    A mesmerizing meditation. Each Beni rug is made up of tens or hundreds of thousands of hand-tied knots. Often working in tandem, weavers work on vertical looms, the technology of which hasn’t changed in hundreds of years. The tools of the trade include multi-pronged hammers (to ensure a tight weave), measuring tapes, dexterous fingers, and an inimitable dedication to detail. Each rug is slightly different than the last - and we cherish this imperfection as a marker of true luxury.

Heritage Craft, Reinterpreted

We believe that the humblest natural materials are the foundation for the truest beauty, that the best things are worth waiting for, and that the welcome of a well designed home is one of life’s sweetest pleasures.

Our Weaving Techniques

Meet our two weaving techniques: knotted and flatwoven. Read on to see which fits your vibe. Layering the two constructions is always a good idea!

  • Beni Knotted Rug Weaving Technique

    Knotted Weave

    Our knotted weave rugs are made entirely by hand, one knot at a time. Pile heights are 1" - 1.5", and average 1.25". On request, we can create pile height as short and compact as 1.5cm (0.65 in) or as long and shaggy as you like. Turn over any Beni rug and notice how meticulously close each knot of wool is tied to one another. The result? A lush, luxurious field of soft wool – its fibers softened by our top secret washing process at our Studio.

  • Beni Flat Weave Technique

    Flat Weave

    Our flatwoven rugs are also made entirely by hand. Weavers tightly interweave warp and weft strands of yarn on the loom to create rugs that are lighter, with a low profile and a slightly more rustic feel underfoot. These rugs are ideal for warm climates and for layering. Flatwoven pile heights are .4".

Each Beni rug is crafted to order, then washed and dried under the desert sky.

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Where the magic happens. Our expert team’s deft touch at washing creates uniquely soft, decadent rugs. Each finished Beni rug is washed up to five times and dried on handmade racks under the desert sky. Our proprietary washing process took us three years of research and development to perfect. The top secret process locks in color fastness while breaking down and softening the wool’s natural fibers to achieve a lustrous sheen and velvety feel. Bring on the lounging.

Rug washing process

Where It All Comes Together

Located on the atmospheric Route to Amizmiz, the Beni Studio is about 30 minutes from central Marrakech. Overlooking the High Atlas Mountains, we’re nestled in a verdant garden of olive and fig trees, sweet jasmine, and a sandy petanque pitch, not to mention an office pup or two.

Our Team





Washers + Menders


The Studio


May 2022




Tameslouht, Morocco

The Beni Studio garden
  • Beni weavers

    From Scratch

    Our Fair Trade Certified Studio is the first vertically integrated facility of its kind in Morocco - where all the components of rug making live under one roof, ensuring the highest levels of quality, consistency, and transparency.

  • Rugs drying

    Desert Dry

    An ever rotating cast of characters cycles through our backyard. Freshly washed rugs are hung to dry before moving onto our quality inspection and shipping floor.

  • Beni shipping floor

    The Shipping Floor

    The final step. Newly finished rugs are carefully (okay, obsessively) inspected, cleaned, fussed over, and finally wrapped and shipped to their new homes.


We make each rug just for you and your own version of home, and can’t help but imagine where it will live - by a crackling fireplace in a softly lit living room, next to your bed to welcome you back to the world in the morning light, or under a dining table filled with family, friends (and lots of candles).

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The Beni Apartment

The Apartment NYC

Our US-based showroom is located in the West Village of Manhattan, and will showcase a rotating installation of our handwoven knotted and flat weave creations.

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Beni studio entrance

The Studio Marrakech

Rug shopping, reimagined. Witness how Moroccan rugs are woven and washed, design your own, and top it all off with an espresso (or rosé) from our Milan-inspired bar.

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